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    Mental Health

    Having things to look forward to

    Okay, who doesn’t love having something to look forward to illness or no illness? It’s the excitement that brings some joy to peoples lives regardless of what is going on for them. However, I find when I’m feeling particularly low and lost… having something to look forward to no matter how small it is really does go a long way! Doesn’t it seem kind of obvious? Yeah, having things to look forward to, to make you feel happy IS an obvious thing. However, when you’re feeling really low and you’re struggling with your mental illness.. it kind of isn’t. You don’t think you have anything good in your life. You…

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    Mental Health

    A little makeover never hurts

    So, during the last few weeks where I’ve been clawing back some control over my mental health and reaching out for the support I need I’ve tried to do a little self care. Not the usual, bath, read a book or what not because that’s not been on my mind. Infact, this one happened after being awake for over 24 hours straight and noticing some of my pink was stripped out of my hair. So, what did I do? I went out, spent a fair bit on dyes and what not and changed my hair colour. Whilst it’s not your typical self care… I think sometimes a change, a makeover…

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    Mental Health

    Ensuring you get the help you need!

    Okay, firstly. Yes I said once a week… but since I’m feeling productive I’ll push a bit more. Secondly, this post is more geared towards aiding you in getting the help you need. Giving you advice from my personal experience and things that I have learned along the way so far. But they’re the professionals they know what’s wrong! While, yes, this is very true. They are professionals in mental health. However, mental illnesses are very broad and experiences differ for everyone there is no one size fits all model. I’ve said this time and time again… what works for one person may not work for another and vice versa.…

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    Some of my artwork

    So, I stated in this post about how art can be therapeutic and how it can help with recovery. Well, I’ve loved to draw for years. I even tried to do an art course. However, I never finished it but that doesn’t get me down because I like doing it in my spare time anyway. I thought I’d start showcasing some of my artwork in a series of posts for you. It’ll also give you insight into how I’m working towards my recovery alone. So what’s this series about? I guess I should show how I’ve evolved over the years. So kicking this series off will be me showing this.…

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    Mental Health

    Positivity post: Childhood memories

    So, I’m going to do a positivity series. I thought I’d kick it off with some nice memories from my childhood that I guess kind of in a way shape who I am today. Not everyone’s childhood memories are all positive, let me get that straight. A lot of mine aren’t. However, there are some that stick out that I do remember very fondly. Gaming with my dad I’ll start off with saying I was a major Daddy’s girl. This is one of my favourite childhood memories as well… So, when I was younger we had one pc in the house. My dad enjoyed gaming on there and would occasionally buy…

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    Mental Health

    Real talk: therapy isn’t meant to be easy.

    So time for some real talk again. This probably isn’t going to be the prettiest of posts. It’ll be real, it’ll be raw. However, it’s important that we talk honestly and openly about these topics. Today’s topic is therapy again. If you haven’t checked out my post on the importance of talk therapy please check it here. Therapy isn’t meant to be easy. If it was easy, therapists, counsellors etc wouldn’t need such in-depth training. So getting on with this, obviously, me and my counsellor already had a good rapport together. She also already had enough details of everything to go in with today’s questions during that session. I wasn’t ready.…

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    Going to talk therapy and the benefits of it.

    So before we get started, today’s topic is about talk therapy. Whilst, yes the kind I have experienced is more centred around rape and sexual abuse today I am aiming to be a bit broader with my explanation seeing as it was just a general paperwork session. For this particular post, there is no further mention of the triggers only the charity in which that run those counselling/therapy sessions. So, what is talk therapy? Talk therapy is basically a safe session where you and a trained counsellor can sit down and talk about how you’re feeling, what’s going on your mind and what’s been happening. It can be about the…

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    Being proactive in your own recovery journey…

    ** Please note, self-harm is talked about a little in this post ** The recovery journey I’ve said so many times that the mental health recovery is a journey. I even touched a bit on it in yesterday’s post alongside a brief bit on depression and how it feels. I even, in a much earlier post mentioned little steps that I am taking with my recovery in mind. Recovery from any form of mental illness takes work. It takes patience, persistence and time. There are going to be ups, there are going to be downs, there are going to be setbacks… but in time there will be progress. Progress will…