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    Mental Health

    Having things to look forward to

    Okay, who doesn’t love having something to look forward to illness or no illness? It’s the excitement that brings some joy to peoples lives regardless of what is going on for them. However, I find when I’m feeling particularly low and lost… having something to look forward to no matter how small it is really does go a long way! Doesn’t it seem kind of obvious? Yeah, having things to look forward to, to make you feel happy IS an obvious thing. However, when you’re feeling really low and you’re struggling with your mental illness.. it kind of isn’t. You don’t think you have anything good in your life. You…

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    Mental Health

    A little makeover never hurts

    So, during the last few weeks where I’ve been clawing back some control over my mental health and reaching out for the support I need I’ve tried to do a little self care. Not the usual, bath, read a book or what not because that’s not been on my mind. Infact, this one happened after being awake for over 24 hours straight and noticing some of my pink was stripped out of my hair. So, what did I do? I went out, spent a fair bit on dyes and what not and changed my hair colour. Whilst it’s not your typical self care… I think sometimes a change, a makeover…

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    Mental Health

    Real Talk: Not coping is okay.

    Right, so let’s address the elephants in the room before we get on with today’s post. Yes, I have been away and not posting and that is indeed because I have been feeling really low and not coping with my mental illness. I thought it was best to distance myself from everything. I know now, in hindsight.. that was a bad idea. Also, I am very much aware of my previous post and can I please point out… I will address this later in this post. When you’re going through a dark time you see no way out. During my time away, I wasn’t coping as much as I was…

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    Mental Health

    Ensuring you get the help you need!

    Okay, firstly. Yes I said once a week… but since I’m feeling productive I’ll push a bit more. Secondly, this post is more geared towards aiding you in getting the help you need. Giving you advice from my personal experience and things that I have learned along the way so far. But they’re the professionals they know what’s wrong! While, yes, this is very true. They are professionals in mental health. However, mental illnesses are very broad and experiences differ for everyone there is no one size fits all model. I’ve said this time and time again… what works for one person may not work for another and vice versa.…

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    Mental Health

    Stressful situations and how I cope.

    So, stressful situations are hard whether or not you have a mental illness right? However, if you’re feeling very low and anxious these situations can be amplified to a million and you don’t know how to cope. I’ve been there, we all have. What do I mean? Stressful situations have a different meaning to everyone. Everyone has their own triggers. It could be in a shop, in the street, in a crowded area or even an empty one. The context of what’s going on doesn’t matter though. What matters is how it’s making you feel and how you manage with that situation and feelings it’s causing. You don’t feel the way…

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    Mental Health

    Low days and how I ‘try’ to cope…

    *** Notice: This post does talk about suicidal feelings and self-harm *** We all get low days right? Days where you can function despite not coping and days where you can’t function at all? Yeah. Those days are the worst. I completely get that. Do you have coping mechanisms that you turn to? I do. However, are they ‘helpful’? Most of mine can be, some of which are dangerous and aren’t. I’m trying hard not to turn to them so I’m finding and trialling new ways each and every day. What are my low days like? These honestly do vary for me if I’m honest. They’re best being kind of…

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    Mental Health

    My first wedding anniversary

    So, on Sunday it came around. My anniversary, I’ve officially been Mrs Bell for over a year and with the husband for 3 years. Quite an achievement. Especially with how tough this year has been with my mental health. I planned most of the day out in advance (thank you Groupon and my old work for the discount email) Good job I did as on the day we were pretty skint! The gifts To be fair. We both did this very last minute. I got mine Friday he got his Saturday. I mad rushed Tesco and he mad rushed Asda… As you do. However, I think it worked out. I got…

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    Mental Health

    Real talk: therapy isn’t meant to be easy.

    So time for some real talk again. This probably isn’t going to be the prettiest of posts. It’ll be real, it’ll be raw. However, it’s important that we talk honestly and openly about these topics. Today’s topic is therapy again. If you haven’t checked out my post on the importance of talk therapy please check it here. Therapy isn’t meant to be easy. If it was easy, therapists, counsellors etc wouldn’t need such in-depth training. So getting on with this, obviously, me and my counsellor already had a good rapport together. She also already had enough details of everything to go in with today’s questions during that session. I wasn’t ready.…

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    Mental Health

    Crisis plans and the need for them

    So you’ve probably heard of a crisis plan. You’re wondering what they are, what the need for them and for any extra information about them. That’s what today’s topic is going to be. It’s a little more informative than some of my others but I believe it will be worthwhile knowledge. So what are crisis plans? A crisis plan (sometimes called a safety plan) is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a plan for interventions during a mental health crisis. Whilst, no, we don’t want these crises to happen, they can and we’re better off being prepared for if they do. Some information on them can be found…

  • Mental Health

    Going to talk therapy and the benefits of it.

    So before we get started, today’s topic is about talk therapy. Whilst, yes the kind I have experienced is more centred around rape and sexual abuse today I am aiming to be a bit broader with my explanation seeing as it was just a general paperwork session. For this particular post, there is no further mention of the triggers only the charity in which that run those counselling/therapy sessions. So, what is talk therapy? Talk therapy is basically a safe session where you and a trained counsellor can sit down and talk about how you’re feeling, what’s going on your mind and what’s been happening. It can be about the…