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    Mental Health

    A little makeover never hurts

    So, during the last few weeks where I’ve been clawing back some control over my mental health and reaching out for the support I need I’ve tried to do a little self care. Not the usual, bath, read a book or what not because that’s not been on my mind. Infact, this one happened after being awake for over 24 hours straight and noticing some of my pink was stripped out of my hair. So, what did I do? I went out, spent a fair bit on dyes and what not and changed my hair colour. Whilst it’s not your typical self care… I think sometimes a change, a makeover…

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    Soph x Revolution palettes

    So, before I kick off my learning makeup for recovery series… I needed to share this post about the Soph x Revolution stuff. What is Soph x Revolution? If you’ve heard of sophdoesnails on youtube and you’ve heard of the revolution makeup brand you’re halfway there. It’s a collab she, in fact, did with revolution. She has two eyeshadow palettes with them. Her soph one and her extra spice. There is a highlighter palette and 3 lipsticks, cake, fudge and syrup. They’re really cheap at £10 each for the eyeshadow palettes, £8 for the highlighter and £4 per for the lipsticks. You can get them at the revolution site, or superdrug’s…