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    Mental Health

    Poetry and how it can help

    So, creativity helps with expressing yourself when you’re feeling low. I’ve discussed art but I haven’t really brought up poetry. I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger and I thought it helped bring out how I felt. I haven’t for a while, however, I thought I would share some of my older works because I thought they were pretty good. Why poetry? Well, poetry has no rules really. You write how you feel, what you feel and whatever coes to mind. That’s what I loved about it! This post isn’t going to be very long as I wanted to show these and give another idea…

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    Mental Health

    How gaming helps my mood.

    So, when you’re feeling low, frustrated or angry how do you deal with that in a healthy way? I guess you could visualise your mood being taken out on people and things cause that’s a normal reaction. I kind of do that but I also rely on games to do what I visualise doing. Since in video games, there are no repercussions for your actions. (Besides in-game prison, dying etc) So what games do I use? Well, it depends on what mood I’m in really. If I’m feeling sad I’ll probably play some uplifting game or a sad game that matches my mood. However, if I’m frustrated or angry there’s a…

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    Mental Health

    What I’m grateful for – Positivity post

    So here’s the next in my positivity post series. Todays is focusing on things that I’m grateful for and why. It’s good to focus on a little positivity now and again and break up the seriousness of some of my posts. Why this topic? Well, I wanted to look into things that I’m grateful for and have another positivity post after all the serious posts I’ve done so far. A nice little happy break if you so wish. To be fair, we think of all the things bad going on in our lives, we never look at the good things or things that mean alot to us. Hence why I’m…

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    Mental Health

    Self harm and other negative coping mechanisms

    Please note; This post goes in depth about self harm. Please be warned if you are sensitive to this subject and are feeling vulnerable. I am not advocating self harm in any way. This post is mainly for informational and awareness purposes. So I’ve promised a post about self harm for a while… here it is! I think it’s important that we are open and honest about these topics. If we choose to keep quiet, then the stigma is still there. Awareness needs to be made of such things. If you are experiencing any of this, please seek help. If you know someone who is then please reach out and support…

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    Mental Health

    Stressful situations and how I cope.

    So, stressful situations are hard whether or not you have a mental illness right? However, if you’re feeling very low and anxious these situations can be amplified to a million and you don’t know how to cope. I’ve been there, we all have. What do I mean? Stressful situations have a different meaning to everyone. Everyone has their own triggers. It could be in a shop, in the street, in a crowded area or even an empty one. The context of what’s going on doesn’t matter though. What matters is how it’s making you feel and how you manage with that situation and feelings it’s causing. You don’t feel the way…

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    Mental Health

    Positivity post: Childhood memories

    So, I’m going to do a positivity series. I thought I’d kick it off with some nice memories from my childhood that I guess kind of in a way shape who I am today. Not everyone’s childhood memories are all positive, let me get that straight. A lot of mine aren’t. However, there are some that stick out that I do remember very fondly. Gaming with my dad I’ll start off with saying I was a major Daddy’s girl. This is one of my favourite childhood memories as well… So, when I was younger we had one pc in the house. My dad enjoyed gaming on there and would occasionally buy…

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    Mental Health

    Low days and how I ‘try’ to cope…

    *** Notice: This post does talk about suicidal feelings and self-harm *** We all get low days right? Days where you can function despite not coping and days where you can’t function at all? Yeah. Those days are the worst. I completely get that. Do you have coping mechanisms that you turn to? I do. However, are they ‘helpful’? Most of mine can be, some of which are dangerous and aren’t. I’m trying hard not to turn to them so I’m finding and trialling new ways each and every day. What are my low days like? These honestly do vary for me if I’m honest. They’re best being kind of…

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    Mental Health

    My first wedding anniversary

    So, on Sunday it came around. My anniversary, I’ve officially been Mrs Bell for over a year and with the husband for 3 years. Quite an achievement. Especially with how tough this year has been with my mental health. I planned most of the day out in advance (thank you Groupon and my old work for the discount email) Good job I did as on the day we were pretty skint! The gifts To be fair. We both did this very last minute. I got mine Friday he got his Saturday. I mad rushed Tesco and he mad rushed Asda… As you do. However, I think it worked out. I got…

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    Mental Health

    Crisis plans and the need for them

    So you’ve probably heard of a crisis plan. You’re wondering what they are, what the need for them and for any extra information about them. That’s what today’s topic is going to be. It’s a little more informative than some of my others but I believe it will be worthwhile knowledge. So what are crisis plans? A crisis plan (sometimes called a safety plan) is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a plan for interventions during a mental health crisis. Whilst, no, we don’t want these crises to happen, they can and we’re better off being prepared for if they do. Some information on them can be found…

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    Going to talk therapy and the benefits of it.

    So before we get started, today’s topic is about talk therapy. Whilst, yes the kind I have experienced is more centred around rape and sexual abuse today I am aiming to be a bit broader with my explanation seeing as it was just a general paperwork session. For this particular post, there is no further mention of the triggers only the charity in which that run those counselling/therapy sessions. So, what is talk therapy? Talk therapy is basically a safe session where you and a trained counsellor can sit down and talk about how you’re feeling, what’s going on your mind and what’s been happening. It can be about the…