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    Mental Health

    Poetry and how it can help

    So, creativity helps with expressing yourself when you’re feeling low. I’ve discussed art but I haven’t really brought up poetry. I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger and I thought it helped bring out how I felt. I haven’t for a while, however, I thought I would share some of my older works because I thought they were pretty good. Why poetry? Well, poetry has no rules really. You write how you feel, what you feel and whatever coes to mind. That’s what I loved about it! This post isn’t going to be very long as I wanted to show these and give another idea…

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    Mental Health

    How to support someone with a mental illness

    I feel I need to talk about this. We need to address the issue of what is and isn’t helpful. There’s enough stigma around mental illnesses that stunts people’s perceptions of what is helpful and how to deal with it. I’m sorry, this post may be a little blunt but it’s one that’s close to home. Mental illneses and the importance of support So, when someone is suffering with a mental illness be it anxiety, depression, schizophrenia or anything really they need support. Whilst I have spoken about the importance of reaching out for support I haven’t mentioned the importance of supporting those who are suffering. From experience, trying to cope without…

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    Mental Health

    Self harm and other negative coping mechanisms

    Please note; This post goes in depth about self harm. Please be warned if you are sensitive to this subject and are feeling vulnerable. I am not advocating self harm in any way. This post is mainly for informational and awareness purposes. So I’ve promised a post about self harm for a while… here it is! I think it’s important that we are open and honest about these topics. If we choose to keep quiet, then the stigma is still there. Awareness needs to be made of such things. If you are experiencing any of this, please seek help. If you know someone who is then please reach out and support…

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    Mental Health

    Stressful situations and how I cope.

    So, stressful situations are hard whether or not you have a mental illness right? However, if you’re feeling very low and anxious these situations can be amplified to a million and you don’t know how to cope. I’ve been there, we all have. What do I mean? Stressful situations have a different meaning to everyone. Everyone has their own triggers. It could be in a shop, in the street, in a crowded area or even an empty one. The context of what’s going on doesn’t matter though. What matters is how it’s making you feel and how you manage with that situation and feelings it’s causing. You don’t feel the way…

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    Mental Health

    Positivity post: Childhood memories

    So, I’m going to do a positivity series. I thought I’d kick it off with some nice memories from my childhood that I guess kind of in a way shape who I am today. Not everyone’s childhood memories are all positive, let me get that straight. A lot of mine aren’t. However, there are some that stick out that I do remember very fondly. Gaming with my dad I’ll start off with saying I was a major Daddy’s girl. This is one of my favourite childhood memories as well… So, when I was younger we had one pc in the house. My dad enjoyed gaming on there and would occasionally buy…

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    Mental Health

    Crisis plans and the need for them

    So you’ve probably heard of a crisis plan. You’re wondering what they are, what the need for them and for any extra information about them. That’s what today’s topic is going to be. It’s a little more informative than some of my others but I believe it will be worthwhile knowledge. So what are crisis plans? A crisis plan (sometimes called a safety plan) is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a plan for interventions during a mental health crisis. Whilst, no, we don’t want these crises to happen, they can and we’re better off being prepared for if they do. Some information on them can be found…

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    Mental Health

    Real talk: The importance of reaching out for support.

    So yesterday I talked about socialising and how it can benefit mental health. One major part of socialising is reaching out to others when you need help. This is also a major part of the recovery journey. Today, I want to focus on the importance of reaching out for support when you need it. Can I be real with you for a bit? Depression isn’t always just feeling down and staying in bed and crying. It showcases itself in so many different ways in people. Some people can seem the happiest of people and function as a machine yet be struggling so hard on the inside. Others, they can’t really…