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Poetry and how it can help

So, creativity helps with expressing yourself when you’re feeling low. I’ve discussed art but I haven’t really brought up poetry.

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger and I thought it helped bring out how I felt. I haven’t for a while, however, I thought I would share some of my older works because I thought they were pretty good.

Why poetry?

low days 6Well, poetry has no rules really. You write how you feel, what you feel and whatever coes to mind. That’s what I loved about it!

This post isn’t going to be very long as I wanted to show these and give another idea of how you can bring out your feelings in a constructive way.

It can be angry, upset, happy whatever comes to mind. Short but sweet, long whatever. I have a variety of short and long ones, silly ones and meaningful ones as well. It just depends on my mood.


My poetry:

This one is only a few years old, I wrote it about a friend of mine.


Someone to talk to,
someone to turn to in times of need.
Someone to Return the favour,
someone who won’t just recieve.

Sometimes always happy,
sometimes always sad.
Sometimes always funny,
sometimes always mad.

Someone to have a laugh with,
someome to cry to.
Someone to hold close,
someone to see life through.

Sometimes not forever,
sometimes just for a while.
Sometimes the only one on your side,
sometimes goes that extra mile.”

The next one is one funnily enough, I wrote about my husband. On a day where I was feeling pretty happy I guess.

“You don’t have to try to make me love you,
I do because of who you are.
The smile on your face and the way that you laugh,
and the way that you sing in my car.

The little things that make you you,
all always bring joy to my life.
The menacing tickles and random noises,
are some of the many reason’s im going t be your wife.

There’s nothing you could ever do or ever say,
that would ever change my mind.
You’re the calm to my crazy,
you’re the best that i will ever find.

You light up my life each and every day,
with every little thing that you do.
You’ve saved me from darkness,
there is no-one better than you.

I love you for every reason possible,
you are my vegeta to my goku.
You’re my cosmo to my wanda,
but more importanty my ash to my pikachu.

I don’t know how to express my love for you,
You truly are perfect to me.
I can’t put it into words no matter how i try,
it’s clear for the whole world to see.”

I wrote the next ones ages back I think back in 2008… I don’t really know why I wrote them or what they’re really about but I guess I was angry or upset.


I’ll live life the way I plan to,
I will never change,
I will never back down to your ideals,
Because I am original.

You want rule my life,
Tell me how to be.
Don’t even bother trying
Because your way isn’t for me.

I am not girly, preppy or emo.
I am not any of those.
I will never be like you,
So please just let it go.

Don’t be a hypocrite,
Since you were once like me.
Original and different,
Letting everybody see.

I’ll live life the way I plan to,
I will never change,
I will never back down to your ideals,
Because I am original.”


I fear for you, my friend, my love,
I fear the arrow’s calling,
I fear the cooing turtle dove,
I fear to see you falling.

I fear the love you speak of now,
I fear the damage doing,
I fear you wont survive somehow,
I fear this clumsy wooing.

I fear for you, my friend, my love,
I fear you cannot see,
The pit from the blue sky above;
The lovely fantasy.

The Child,

She watched the raindrops fall one by one,
As if to be her tears.
She sat there all alone that evening,
To hide from her fears.

The child she is, is all alone,
With no one by her side.
This is typical for her,
So she sat there and cried.

Look up dear child,
See the light.
You are not alone,
On this soft and sacred night.

The rain may fall and tears may run,
But you still have a friend.
Get on your knees and pray dear child,
He’s only around the bend.

Call for him tonight, right now,
Call for him real quick.
You won’t regret this one dear child,
Because he’s a friend who’ll stick.”

As you can see, it’s an easy thing to do to get your feelings out. It’s very therapeutic! So give it a go!

Final thoughts

Thanks for taking a look, what do you think? If this resonates with you in any way then please do, give them a go. I feel poetry is a good relief for any form of feelings.

Do you guys write anything?

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– Gem

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