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Having things to look forward to

Okay, who doesn’t love having something to look forward to illness or no illness? It’s the excitement that brings some joy to peoples lives regardless of what is going on for them.

However, I find when I’m feeling particularly low and lost… having something to look forward to no matter how small it is really does go a long way!

Doesn’t it seem kind of obvious?

Yeah, having things to look forward to, to make you feel happy IS an obvious thing. However, when you’re feeling really low and you’re struggling with your mental illness.. it kind of isn’t.

You don’t think you have anything good in your life. You find yourself stuck in a rut and simple things that bring you joy either, don’t work or you don’t think about the most obvious things that can help.

Trust me, I’ve been there and am at that point a lot of the time.

So what do you mean having things to look forward to?

Well.. it’s simply that! It can be anything! Something big, something small.. anything! As long as it brings you that little bit of joy and excitement.

Okay, so you can’t afford a major getaway or you don’t feel up to doing anything major. No worry!

Things to look forward to can be as simple as:

A day out shopping.
A friend coming over to see you.
An appointment that you know you feel good leaving.
Films coming out in cinema.
A meal you haven’t had in a long time.
A new video game coming out.
A sale for something you want to go on sale.

Anything! The list can go on and like I said, it doesn’t have to be major.

Any examples?

Well.. I haven’t had a lot to look forward to personally. Since I was struggling over the holidays I didn’t really do much.

However, that being said. The Dragonball Broly movie is coming out in cinemas! My husband and I are major Dragonball fans and have been needing a good Dragonball fix after super was put on hiatus.

The movie was announced at the same time and we completely forgot about it for a while. In fact it was our housemate who found out our local cinema will be showing it this month and so, we’ve all agreed that we’re going to go see it.

Now for me, that is something to really look forward to since I haven’t been to the cinema for a while and I know that the Dragonball movie will not dissapoint me. Plus, since I don’t really go out much any more this will be a real treat for me.

Ever since I’ve started looking forward to it. It’s been a great morale boost for me. It’s helped me have a goal of being good to myself and saving money in order to have a ‘treat day’.

It may not be much to some, but to me.. it’s something big and something great to have marked in my calendar to work towards being well enough to go to.

So how does it help?

So like I’ve stated, it gives people that small boost of joy and excitement. It gives something to count down to and a goal of saving for, getting things for or even caring for your self enough for so you’re well enough to enjoy it!

It’s not really something any professionals I’ve come across have suggested. So, I thought it’d be nice to give this as an option to help your recovery.

It doesn’t have to cost money, it doesn’t have to be huge. It’s something that means alot to you. Give it a try, maybe if there’s a sale for example a steam sale you know that’s due to happen then maybe note down when its estimated to happen and save up and look forward to that, to treating yourself with a game or two!

One, you’ll have been doing yourself some good by saving, two you’ll have that little boost in mood and then come the time you’ll be able to treat yourself!

Give it a try!

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– Gem

Hi! I'm Gemma, a mental health and recovery journey blogger! My blog focuses on the effects of mental illness and the entire recovery process.

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