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A little makeover never hurts

So, during the last few weeks where I’ve been clawing back some control over my mental health and reaching out for the support I need I’ve tried to do a little self care.

Not the usual, bath, read a book or what not because that’s not been on my mind. Infact, this one happened after being awake for over 24 hours straight and noticing some of my pink was stripped out of my hair.

So, what did I do? I went out, spent a fair bit on dyes and what not and changed my hair colour. Whilst it’s not your typical self care… I think sometimes a change, a makeover even… kind of helps!

So, why the change? Why even do it?

Well, initially I was just so annoyed that my shampoo had stripped my hair colour so badly and made my root regrowth look so much worse. I eneded up hyper-focussing on that issue rather than my mind.

That’s when I realised for once, I wasn’t thinking about the really negative thoughts. Okay, yes I was being negative about my hair.. but it inspired a change.

For me, whenever I’ve been really down, or had a bit of a meltdown. I ALWAYS seem to change my hair, be it cut half of it off. (Which is NEVER a good idea might I add) or I’ll go mad with a colour.

In all fairness, I had this pink for over half a year so it was time for a change really anyway.

So yeah, I got the housemate to do it for me. Even had him cut in a side fringe cause I haven’t had one for a while and it turned out pretty good.

I also found that… it made me for the first time in weeks… care about how I looked, I even put on makeup and glammed myself up in something other than a baggy top or pj’s,

So whilst, yes, drastic action was taken whilst not 100% in the right mind… it ended up being therapeutic and helpful in the sense its given me a sense of pride I guess.

Below are the photos of my new look.

No, I’m not suggesting everyone go out chop their hair, go crazy colours…

What I’m trying to say is that… a bit of a makeover, a bit of change doesn’t hurt. It can make you feel kind of good in a sense. While, no I’m not magically happy or making myself care about myself. It’s helped.

Maybe you go out buy yourself a bit of makeup you’ve had your eye on for a while. Maybe, you want to try a new makeup look.. there are some shops that do free makeovers. Maybe a pamper day. Or even yeah, go get your hair done in a salon or get a friend over and spend some social time while they help you with your new look.

A little pampering and change I guess goes a long way.

What am I getting at?

Noone suggested this to me, I discovered this myself during a manic-ish time. If someone had suggested maybe get pampered or change something up I may have listened and not felt as alone as I did.

So maybe, give it a try. I mean… I have future plans for my hair once it grows again because I am never doing cap highlights again because they hurt more than anything.. but it gives me something to look forward to.

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– Gem

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