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So I’ve told you about my latest obsessions the soph x revolution palette and my makeup collection. Today’s cosmetics thread post is about some of my favourite palettes! Again, its something nice and light that breaks up the seriousness of my usual posts.

So, You’ve seen the collection post! Where I have beyond a human amount of eyeshadows. There are a few there that are my favourites! I thought I’d give you swatches of them!

Favourite MUA palettes

Mua Elysium Elements

A cheap palette that you can’t complain about. I think this was probably £6 I can’t remember. However, I’ve loved this one well, the shades are beautiful and very pigmented.








MUA Elysium palette

Another one possibly about £6 the pigments are great as you can tell I’ve minced some of the colours so I need to replace this at some point. It’s beautiful.








Mua Undressed

This is a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked palette and I can vouch it’s insanely close. It’s very pigmented, very cheap at £4 and has some beautiful shades. This palette was what got me obsessed with the MUA brand!

Favourite Revolution Palettes

Redemption Iconic 3

It’s a really beautiful bunch of shades I’ve used the pink shade to death and whoops. It’s from Superdrug and it was about £4 so you can probably still get this in the store and online. The shades are very pigmented and are a wonderful range of shades.







IconicRedemption Hot smoked

Again, another beautiful palette from superdrug, £4 again and it’s wonderfully pigmented. There are some random shades in here but it is pretty and you cannot complain about them though as you can work these into some looks!









Final thoughts

Well, this wasn’t a full on post but I thought you’d like to see some swatches of my favourite palettes. I still use these ones occasionally, especially as I  have learned how to blend and the colours kind of go well. I love the pigment in them all and I’m always on the lookout for new favourites so if you have any recommendations throw them at me!

What do you think? Do you have any good ones that you love?

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– Gem

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