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How gaming helps my mood.

So, when you’re feeling low, frustrated or angry how do you deal with that in a healthy way? I guess you could visualise your mood being taken out on people and things cause that’s a normal reaction. I kind of do that but I also rely on games to do what I visualise doing. Since in video games, there are no repercussions for your actions. (Besides in-game prison, dying etc)

So what games do I use?

Well, it depends on what mood I’m in really. If I’m feeling sad I’ll probably play some uplifting game or a sad game that matches my mood. However, if I’m frustrated or angry there’s a few I turn to in that sense.

some examples of my games are:

GTAV / Online
Saints Row series
Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter
Finding Paradise
To The Moon
Stardew Valley
Mischeif Makers
Animal Crossing
Night In The Woods
House Flipper
South Park
Mario Kart
and so on…

Basically, I have a load more games than this and I’ll switch and choose depending on how I feel or what sort of experience that I am looking for. In my opinion.. gaming is a very healthy and fun way of letting off steam and dealing with some intense emotions.

How do they help?

low days 5Well, some days when I’m feeling sad or stressed out and I need a chilled out experience I’ll play something more casual something slow like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing or the Pokemon series. There are even games like Minecraft or Terraria etc that I will resort to depending on if I wanna farm, craft, have light battles to just chill out and cheer up with. It’s also nice to have goals and try to achieve them when in that mindset as it does help you feel like you’ve done something. Even if it’s not in real life, you’ve still achieved a goal.

If I need a sad/uplifting experience I’ll turn to games like Night In The Woods, To The Moon, Finding Paradise things like that with a good enriching storyline that will give some good feelings. I like to be touched by a story and some of these games have made me cry… however, I’ve really appreciated the feels it gave me as it let me let out my feelings at that time.

For my angry moods and letting out my rage frustration, Saints Row, GTA, any fighting game all help. They’re pretty useful at letting off steam and allowing me to be angry. Plus, who wouldn’t say no to a good button mashing or murder spree with no consequences?

If I wanna laugh, I’ll play games like the South Park series. The silliness of them kind of helps me feel better and the absurdity of the storyline always brings a smile and picks up my mood if I need to.

Games are a wonderful tool, same as art or poetry. It all depends on what mood you are in, what you want from it and how you approach it really.

Final thoughts

When thinking of ways to release it’s nice to have options. I’ve never really thought of games as being a coping mechanism until lately but looking at how I use them and how I go about my mood and when I play certain games it’s a good thought.

Hopefully, this post gave you a little insight. I will be looking into some of these in more depth in the future.

Do you game? Do you have any favourites?

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– Gem

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