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My makeup supply

This post is part of my cosmetics series. I thought it would be interesting to show you guys my (very battered) collection and what I personally use and love.

Intro. – So why am I doing this?

So, I’m using learning how to do makeup as part of my recovery. I’ve always bought eyeshadows but never had a clue how to do it. So it’s clicked. Why not try to learn to do it, I might like how it turns out and feel good. So my cosmetics series is basically that. Me learning, some reveiws of my stuff and what not.

I like the thought of giving you guys some ideas of what you can do to help your recovery. I mean I’m going by my experience but this is a fun thing to do. Plus, you kind of do it anyway as part of your self care in the mornings or for special events. If you’re as clueless as me, it’s a start.

My collection

I have mostly MUA and Revolution makeup in my collection to be honest. I can’t fault them because they’re really cheap but amazing quality. I’ve only recently gotten into the full face looks and so I have stretched to foundation, contour etc however it is about 90% eyeshadow.

Below are some snapshots of the collection I have! Most of these are between £1-£8 and can be bought in superdrug’s stores or their website.

I’m not even sure which are my favourites besides my soph palettes!

makeup supply my supply

makeuo my supply

My kit

As previously said, I’m starting to learn how to do makeup and so I’ve only now bought brushes and started using them.

There are brushes from superdrug, poundland and home bargains in my kit. The beauty blender is disgusting but it is from poundland and I haven’t really ‘washed’ it.

Not expensive ones however, I’m pretty happy with what I have for now until I know better!

makeup kit my supply

Final thoughts

Whilst, yet again not a very long post. I thought it would be nice to share with you guys what I have and what I use!

What are some of the main brands you use?

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– Gem

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