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What I’m grateful for – Positivity post

So here’s the next in my positivity post series. Todays is focusing on things that I’m grateful for and why. It’s good to focus on a little positivity now and again and break up the seriousness of some of my posts.

Why this topic?

Well, I wanted to look into things that I’m grateful for and have another positivity post after all the serious posts I’ve done so far. A nice little happy break if you so wish.

To be fair, we think of all the things bad going on in our lives, we never look at the good things or things that mean alot to us. Hence why I’m doing this post today.

What am I grateful for?

Quite a few things really, however, these are a few:

-My family

As much as I don’t see eye to eye on times, I’ve had brilliant times growing up and they are always there for me. I don’t see them as much now, however. It’s still good to know they’re on the end of the phone if I ever need them.

-My husband

This guy looks after me, he’s my rock and my hero I don’t know where I would be without him. He’s the best thing I could have ever asked for. As much as he winds me up, he’s amazing.

-My cat

Archie is an absolute terror, but, he’s adorable and is the cuddliest boy ever when he’s in the right mood. He cheers me up when I’m down and great company when I need it.


I don’t have many friends, but the ones that I do have are brilliant. They’re there if I need them and a great chat when I’m feeling down… especially the few that know about my struggle with my mental health.

-Artistic ability – write and draw

Being able to draw and write is pretty great. I’m grateful for these abilities and my imagination as without all of which, this blog would not be here. I would not have this outlet and I wouldn’t really be me.

-cuddly toy ive had for years and how nan replaced lost one

I’ve had a cuddly bunny since I was born, I lost one at nan’s years ago and she replaced it with an amazing one. I’ve never been able to sleep without this so the fact I still have it now is childish but.. a great comfort to me especially how I’ve had it all these years.

Final thoughts

I know this is a short but sweet post. I thought I’d do it though. Other positivity posts will be a lot better I do promise!

What are you grateful for?

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– Gem

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