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So today I’ve got a treat for you and it’s a lovely guest post from Sara from over at Ferret Fitness. Give it a little check and a follow guys, I’m sure she’d appreciate it very much!

So, Who are you, where are you from, what do you write about on your blog & why do you write about your experiences?

I’m Sara, I’m from Melbourne Australia. My blog is a mix of health, fitness, mental health and motivation – focusing on making positive changes as easily as possible. We don’t post anything that makes others feel down about themselves. We think it’s really important to acknowledge that everyone has a different journey and having a façade that it’s ‘easy’ to live a better lifestyle can be damaging for others as it’s not always true.

What are some hobbies of yours?

My main hobbies are content creation, web design, crafts, puzzles, cooking & Lego kits at the moment. This is ever changing for me though!

What are your favourite foods and drinks on a good and bad day?

My comfort food is mac & cheese – but I’d settle for anything that’s carby! Mid-week though, I usually try and mix things up, we have fish, veggies, tofu and grains a lot though!

If someone asked you for advice what would you say?

If asked for advice It depends on what they need advice with, I do try my best to cater to specific needs differently and refer whoever to something that I feel is beneficial if I can’t personally help. I think it can sometimes be an issue if non-qualified people try and assist people with mental health issues, especially if they don’t have firsthand experience.

When you’re feeling down what works best to help you?

When I’m feeling down, I usually talk to my partner and give myself permission to lay low. Whether that’s taking a mental health day from work, or having a day off from the gym, allowing myself to order something for dinner instead of cooking or not writing anything for my blog that day. I find that not having to be accountable for anything gives me the chance to assess how I’m feeling before deciding how to manage it.

How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel up to it?

When I need help with motivation, I usually write down all the tasks I need to complete and see what job is the easiest to cross off. Then, once it’s done, I’ll feel more motivated to get the other items on the list completed as I have the good feeling from completing the first one! If that doesn’t work, I simply start one of my jobs. For example, if I’m not motivated to go to the gym, I’ll just commit to a 5 minute workout. While that doesn’t really do anything, starting is the hardest part and I’ll often follow that up by completing my full workout!

How would you deal with triggering situations and/or people?

For me, the most triggering thing with my anxiety is social situations. The way I deal with this is to imagine the worst-case scenario before I go, and to come up with an action plan to get out of it if I need to. Again, another trick I use is to give myself permission to leave if I want to. It helps to remember that no one is forcing you to do anything or be anywhere and people are understanding if you need to take care of yourself. If they don’t, you probably don’t want to be around those people anyway.

Are there any people, celebrities, friends or bloggers/vloggers that inspire you and why?

I’m always on the hunt for new people to inspire me. I usually try and compile a post of who I’m loving on Instagram. For example, fitness people, foodies, even dogs that I love having on my feed! Anyone who is real about their journey, is relatable and doesn’t make things too ‘insta-glam’ is on my radar!

Is there anything you’d like to say to the people reading this?

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in more posts or content about how you can make small changes in your life to feel a bit better, feel free to check out my blog here. As always, remember that you don’t need to overhaul your life and mimick what others do. You do you!


Thank you for reading, please go check out Sara’s blog! It’s pretty amazing. I’ve even done a similar guest post of her blog so go check that out!

If Anyone would like to have a guest spot on here, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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– Gem

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