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Positivity post: Childhood memories

So, I’m going to do a positivity series. I thought I’d kick it off with some nice memories from my childhood that I guess kind of in a way shape who I am today. Not everyone’s childhood memories are all positive, let me get that straight. A lot of mine aren’t. However, there are some that stick out that I do remember very fondly.

childhood memories oneGaming with my dad

I’ll start off with saying I was a major Daddy’s girl. This is one of my favourite childhood memories as well… So, when I was younger we had one pc in the house. My dad enjoyed gaming on there and would occasionally buy games for it like the Tomb Raider series, Need for speed, Max Payne, Soldier Of Fortune to name a few. Eventually, I would get into gaming and when it was my turn I would mess around on these games or some of his other random ones he had like Klass of 99 and some weird Pacman games.

Eventually, as I got older I would try and play his games properly and try and beat him to finishing them. It was fun. This carried on for years until I finally got my own PC and laptop. However, we’d still talk about the games.

N64 from church

Growing up, I went to school with my local church pastor’s sons. I’d be made to go to Sunday school there and whatnot. However, the church one day donated us some toys. (not that we were bad off… I can’t even remember why) However, my sisters had a baby doll and something else whilst I took over the N64 they gave us. It came with Mischief makers and some other game that I can’t remember. However, Mischief Makers was an ace game! So hard but so much fun.

This kind of further implanted my love for games and any future trips to Cardiff growing up dad would buy me a pre-owned N64 game since they were so expensive back then. (They still are now strange enough) Over time I ended up with Pokemon Stadium, Snap. Rugrats Treasure Hunt. Turok 2, F1 Grand Prix, Banjo Kazooie, Extreme G and I think there may have been others but they stick out very well in my memory. I did always want Conkers Bad Fur Day, Rugrats in Paris and Pokemon Stadium 2 however never had them which is gutting.

I think growing up until I had a PS2, I was glued to this console whenever I had a chance. Kind of a nice thing for someone to do because there wasn’t much to do in my area and growing up with an autistic sister it was hard to do much.

Going to nanschildhood memories two

When I was younger, I’d go over my nans every summer with my cousins. We’d go to the beach and have fun. Would do this quite often. It was a nice break away from my boring hometown as we’d end up in Torquay.  My cousins would wind me up endlessly and bury my stuffed rabbit in the sand and hide it etc, but it was fun.

Actually, one time I lost my main one whilst on Nan’s steps. (I think her husband at the time got rid of it because it was old and tattered) However, nan replaced it with a very similar one which was lovely because when it went missing I was very hard work.

I know they stopped after my sister had an accident however, the my fondest childhood memories of summer was always going to nans.

Trips out with dad

So As I was a daddy’s girl I’d spend a lot of time with him. I’d end up tagging along to his shop trips, his haircut trips and what not. I do remember his barbers though as I’d always end up watching Tommy’s world there while he had his hair cut. Either that or I’d go to his friends’ house and bother with his kids. He always had loads of toy/model planes which I was very fascinated with.

Also, one time, when I was in comp dad was doing a study about teaching children CPR. It was quite interesting. One day I had a teachers training day and went along with dad to work when he was doing this research. Little did I know, I’d end up being a test subject. SO he taught me and took photos. I was on his posters. That was cool. Although he did treat me and my sister to a nice meal in Pearl Of The Orient as we were in Cardiff.

Childhood memories 3Dads weird ‘summer school’ days he made

I wasn’t the best at math and in summer if I ever told my dad I was bored… He’d write up math problems and make some sort of thing for me to do. It was beyond boring but he wanted to help and looking back I appreciated it. It did help. Plus, the fact he took the time to do it was really nice. Even if as a kid you want to play not solve math problems…

Little sister showing she’s smarter than council thought

I previously mentioned my autistic sister. Well, growing up the council and others didn’t have much faith. (It was the 1990s when she was diagnosed and not much information was about) Well, she went through a mainstream nursery and a little of mainstream school but soon went to a specialist residential school. One day she typed up on the PC what she wanted. They thought they had their sign picture software on but had word instead. That day proved to us that she’s smarter than people have thought. I’m pretty proud of how she’s come along really.

Weird BBC trip in year 6childhood memories 4

Right, I was in the weird year group in Wales where they did this transition to the comprehensive school where they did trips to businesses. One was British Gas, one was Coca-Cola and the other was BBC studios. I was one of the lucky few that went to the BBC studio. Got to see how they make shows, a set for Pobl Y Cwm and meet Derek the weatherman. It kind of made me love writing even more and at the time wanted to be a journalist. That changed probably come college. However, it was fun. There was even a kind of fete day where the schools went and played games and did random things at the local comp.

Whilst my school time was terrible growing up, this one of my childhood memories of it was really fun. Weird, but fun.

Mam’s meatloaf ‘concert’ days in the house

Whenever dad was in work. Mam would always put her Meatloaf VHS on and turn the tv up quite loud. It was fun, I guess its where my love for Meatloaf came from. Sometimes she’d make us bandanas out of tea towels and have a little dance and sing. Sometimes I’d be annoyed but a lot of the time it was actually quite fun. It was nice mam had a way of letting her hair down like that to such energetic music.

Final thoughts

Firstly, this post is probably terrible compared to others. I do have an injured wrist and its hurting to type. This has taken me a few hours to complete.

However, I believe it’s important to have a bit of positivity here and there. Posts like these are important every now and again. For me with this post, it’s nice to look back and remember times I’m quite fond of. Keep those childhood memories alive and add to them with new ones. I thought sharing some of mine might give you an idea of times you might remember that are nice.

If you’re needing support check out my support links page and my recovery resources page.

Also, because I might as well share a cringe. He’s a photo of me from my early teens and some weird drawing I did.

Do you have any fond memories that make you smile when you think of them?
If so, what are they and why? I would love to hear yours!

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– Gem

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