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Soph x Revolution palettes

So, before I kick off my learning makeup for recovery series… I needed to share this post about the Soph x Revolution stuff.

What is Soph x Revolution?

If you’ve heard of sophdoesnails on youtube and you’ve heard of the revolution makeup brand you’re halfway there. It’s a collab she, in fact, did with revolution.

She has two eyeshadow palettes with them. Her soph one and her extra spice. There is a highlighter palette and 3 lipsticks, cake, fudge and syrup.

They’re really cheap at £10 each for the eyeshadow palettes, £8 for the highlighter and £4 per for the lipsticks.

You can get them at the revolution site, or superdrug’s site/stores.

I’m very late to the game here… however. Here’s my thoughts!

Which I bought

So I bought one each of the eyeshadow palettes and a lipstick in the shade of cake. I wasn’t brave enough to buy the highlighter as I still have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to makeup. I only have a sort of idea when it comes to eyeshadow and even then I’m terrible.

First look

Straight off the bat. The outer packagings for the eyeshadow palettes are beautiful. A huge nod to her first one as it’s just adorable. So adorable that I put the palettes back in them. (I never do this… ever)

soph x revolution makeup

The unboxed palettes are both beautiful as well. Each being a colour swap of the other.

soph x revoluion makeup

The lipstick (cake) is beautifully designed in a rose gold pot/stick? (i have no idea what its called) I’m absolutely in love on this already.

soph x revolution makeup

Colours and Swatches

Soph x revolution

So upon opening her first one. You can see the 24 shades beautifully laid out with a nice little name sheet on top. Also, I need to give the girl a huge shoutout for her mirror. I need a mirror when I’m doing makeup and my small one on my sleek palette aint doing it for me.

soph x revolution 1

Now, I tried to swatch this and take decent photos…. note I said tried.

soph x revolution 1 swatches

You’ll see her colours are very pigmented. Some far more than others (that may have also been my terrible swatch job and skin tone) I can’t say there are any that I won’t use. I’m also, very excited to try and work with some as I’m learning to do looks. (That green is screaming at me for some reason and I need to figure out a look with it)

Also please ignore the cut, my cat attacked me.

Very much loving this palette and the looks I’ve seen made on youtube so… No complaints here. The hype was very much worth it!

Extra Spice

Looking at this, yes it does have fewer eyeshadows. However, the names are on the palette itself. Score! The amazing mirror is back as well so much love for that.

soph x revolution extra spice

The swatches and photos were easier due to there being less. (Please ignore my tattoo)

soph x revolution extra spice swatches

Now again, the colours are amazing. I’m loving the purples. The highlight shades as well are beautiful I mean just look at the pigment on these bad boys! No problems with any of the colours. They will probably be all used at one point or another. (That yellow is PERFECT Pikachu yellow)

Again, the hype was correct here. I feel it’s very worth its price tag. I have zero complaints.


It’s extremely cute her name is engraved into the actual lipstick! The colour is a nice little nude.

soph x revolution cake lipstick

I swatched my arm because my face was a mess. However, That’s a nice colour. Probably my favourite lipstick I own now.

soph x revolution cake swatch

Final thoughts

In all honesty. These were very much hyped on youtube. The hype didn’t let down…

Soph x Revolution keep doing what you do because the collab is amazing! I want more shadows! Please!

at £10 each for these palettes that’s extremely reasonable! I’ll give it that. They have plenty of choice in terms of colours both having shimmer and matte is a good help. Plus revolution’s makeup formulas are normally pretty amazing for the price that you pay.

The lipstick is beautiful. Nice, soft, silky. A wonderful nude colour and easy to pair with most looks. I’m already tempted to get her darkest one, fudge.

I’d happily get more in this range if it were to carry on. Once I know more, I may even get that highlight palette because if the hype for the shadows and lipsticks lived up then the hype for that will too.

I’d say go get them! I had mine on a 3 for 2 with student discount in Superdrug so I barely even paid the amount listed.

I’m ready to work on a few looks with these and they will indeed be added into my daily kit!

I did use the original palette the other day. So here it is. (This photo was taken half a day after I did the look and it’s still standing!)

soph x revolution

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– Gem

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  • Helen at Casa Costello

    I must have missed all the hype – I love the look of the lipstick. A really good strong nude (Am sure that’s an oxymoron) I’m sure you will find a great look to match that fantastic green too.

    • Misfitmuser

      I missed it, the first one came out in 2017, the lipsticks and the second one came out earlier this year. There’s a lovely mid and dark one which I ***might*** be buying for myself tomorrow because I am obsessed with them after watching her video.They’re still all being sold in the stores and I believe on the revolution site.

    • Misfitmuser

      Soph is amazing and so easy to follow. (Although I managed to completely mess up the look she was explaining in the showcasing videos.. oops) I love all of them. I need the lipsticks. I kinda want the highligher but I have no idea how to highlight properly and if I do try I just use one of the eyeshadows very lightly ontop of a little cream one to bring the sparkle.

    • Misfitmuser

      The pigments are amazing. I’m in love with nearly every single colour. I mean the white is even really pigmented and that’s hard to get right!

    • Misfitmuser

      They are! I like that Revolution are doing so many collabs at this affordable price. I’m not biassed at all but this ones my favourite. I’d review her highlighter palette if I had any clue how to properly highlight but they’re just as beautiful.

    • Misfitmuser

      To be fair I was going to ask for them for christmas… I just couldn’t wait especially after seeing the colours in person. I’m hoping they collab with her again even if it’s for other types of makeup products as I’m very happy with these!

  • Elizabeth

    What a gorgeous range of colours! Truth be told though, I have no idea how to use them properly. Is it just for different styles or are they all to be used at once?

    • Misfitmuser

      It’s for different styles you can use like 2 or 3 or even more at a time. I struggle with making 3 blend so that’s my maximum at the moment. Although, I do use both paletes and pick and choose from them sometimes.

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