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Trying a new therapy.

So today, I had an appointment to try art therapy. Which by chance is today’s topic.

Today was a bit of a train wreck for me and personally I don’t think I will benefit from the sessions at the moment (nor can I afford to get to them). However, I might take the idea and set aside a day each week with my husband and we do our own art therapy at home.

I’ll need to remember to talk to my CPN about this tomorrow when he calls me because he can let the people who run it know. I mean, I appreciate the referral and everything. I’m just not ready for it at the moment, that’s because I didn’t cope too well with the journey there nor with the fact I’d have to be alone. So, no.. thank you, but i’ll pass for now. I’ll try again when I’ll cope better.

However, I do see how it can benefit other people. It’s more of a calming relaxed time around other people all doing the same sort of thing.

Art therapy in Cardiff and the Vale anyway is run by two people. There’s a session where you can work with clay. Or this more of a free form session where you have access to paints, pens, paper, clay etc. It’s an hour or so to sit down and get stuck in to some art. It’s time to sit down and let out your thoughts, feelings etc through the medium of art. You can just sink in alone and do it and get on with it and go. Or you can talk to the guy running, the other people and explain your pieces of art or just general talk.

The premise of this is great. However, I see a flaw. the NHS doesn’t fund the mental health sector enough so they have to rely on charitable places to rent free rooms for an hour or so a week in order to do this.. and the locations show this. They’re not the easiest of accessible areas. Which hopefully one day… this will change and the NHS will have the funding for the mental health sector for programmes like this and many others. That’s enough politics now mind.

Today wasn’t a great day, not at all. I’ve been pretty much on breakdown mode. I’ve been nearly crying. I’ve not been like I would. That’s okay though I guess. It happens. I got two days of peace now where I can relax, barely do anything and mentally recharge for my assessment with Capita on Friday. (Also my back needs a long long LONG break after today’s mad walks….)

I never said that this blog would be perfect. It is about my mental health and recovery journey. Today, I tried a therapy and whilst I liked the idea. I didn’t get on with the locations and the fact i’d have to be alone. I’m not ready for that and that’s okay. I’ll find something else. Hopefully… I guess I just gotta keep trying and hopefully something will click with me.

I guess I just gotta try and keep hopeful and keep open to at least trying new things like I did today. It’s one step forward and two back today.. but at least I tried.

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– Gem

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